Come and talk to us about British Land’s latest plans for Regent’s Place.

We are holding a public exhibition on new proposals for 1 Triton Square and St Anne’s, Laxton Place. 1 Triton Square will be refurbished and extended to provide modern office space, retail, gym and affordable workspace. The public realm will be upgraded on all sides of the building.

The adjacent St Anne’s site will be redeveloped to provide new affordable housing for Camden residents.

Find out more about the proposal. 

We are holding four events. Please feel free to drop in at any of the times listed:


Monday 26th September 2016: 

Monday 26th September 2016: 

12pm -2pm 5pm -8pm
Diorama Arts Studios West Euston Partnership 
201 Drummond Street   One Stop Shop 
Regent's Place   29 - 31 West Hampstead Road 
London NW1 3FE London NW1 3JA 
Tuesday 27th September 2016:    Tuesday 27th September 2016:   
12pm - 2pm 5pm -8pm 
Diorama Arts Studios Dick Collins Hall 
201 Drummond Street Redhill Street 
Regent's Place London NW1 4DJ 
London NW1 3FE  

Any questions? Please contact Rebecca Burns on 020 7467 2966 or