Diorama Arts

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The Diorama Arts Studio is based at 10 Brock Street and is a valued occupier at Regent’s Place.

Diorama Arts has been running for over 30 years, collaborating with artists, theatre companies, independent organisations and minority groups. It began as an art collective in the 1970s, in the original prestigious Regent's Park Diorama building, and became famous for involving artists such as Derek Jarman and Elvis Costello.

Diorama coordinates room bookings, events and activities to create a healthy program of independent education, creative production and community support. Diorama Arts Centre become a Registered Charity (no. 283452) in 1980 and developed into a vital local resource running projects, classes and exhibitions for the benefit of the Camden and London community. Diorama has developed a meaningful relationship over many years with its landlords, The Crown Estate and British Land; as well as the London Borough of Camden, and is an active and founding member of the West Euston Partnership. Diorama proudly participates in local events, fairs and festivals, and co-sponsors various activities in the Regent's place plaza.

Find out more: http://www.diorama-arts.org.uk/