Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre (SLYC)

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Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre (SLYC) is a registered charity (No. 1108410) and charitable registered company (No: 5366637). SLYC is a specialist based organisation and has an established track record of addressing the needs of disadvantaged children and young people. SLYC runs four different Youth Projects: (i) Senior Youth Club (age 12+ / 400 regular users); (ii) Junior Youth Club (age 8 – 12 / 200 regular users); (iii) Holiday Programme (age 10 – 18 / 300 regular users); (iv) Sport Educate Homework Club (age 10 – 14 / 30 regular users). These projects offer sports, IT, music, gym, healthy eating and cooking, training, drugs awareness, sex and relationships education, homework support, mentoring, and employment advice sessions to children / young people. SLYC also offers a number of sports, leisure, training, health, and fitness activities for the whole community.  In the past 12 months we had over 30,000 users’ visits by disadvantaged children, young people and adults, who used our facilities and benefited from a series of structured activities. 

 SLYC is governed by a Board of Directors sub-divided into three sub committees to oversee specific areas relating to Staff, Youth and Finance. The Board is made up of a combination of local residents and parents of children and young people who use the Centre. The Centre is located at the heart of the Regent’s Park Estate and serves the whole of the West Euston Area. Following the completion of our Capital Project in 2010, SLYC is now able to offer children, young people and the wider community, modern premises and resources: such as a dynamic ICT Centre, a modern Community Gym, a refurbished Sports Hall, a Community Café with a commercial kitchen, a Juice Bar, Music Room, Dance Studio, new toilets and showers, upgraded disable access; including a lift installation. 

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