Bengali Workers’ Association

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The Bengali Workers’ Association (BWA) was established in 1976 and over the years has steadily grown from being a small group of community activist based in temporary porta-kabins to being one of the largest community-led voluntary organisations in Camden, serving over 5,000 residents from different backgrounds.

Since 1990 BWA has been based in a multi-purpose building called the Surma Community Centre which has been a focal point of the community and a venue for a wide range of community based activities and services.  There is a meeting space that can be booked out for meetings with individuals and groups.  There are dedicated private interview rooms for informal discussions.  There is also a hall that can be provided to hold large meetings, seminars or private parties.

They work with those who are socially excluded by providing a local hub that encourages and enables their involvement in the wider community.  By involving members they are able to ensure that communities’ needs and priorities are brought to the fore and that residents in neighbourhoods that we work in have tools to get involved in whatever way they want.

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