an office photo garden in october

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A.M. Hanson. interior, light, shade
'an office photo garden in october'

A new site specific photo show by London based artist and photographer A.M. Hanson.

Here, at Regent's Place Plaza, in a currently empty and unlit unit, the photographer has utilised the space for a set of 'photo day dreams'. A series of oversized photo prints hang like scenic blinds in the windows. Natural, uncontrolled daylight provides the 'light' and 'shade' across this pictorial motif of architectural and interior photo forms. The images are made of, and around, the Regent's Place campus itself and surrounding area.

We see a tower - it's peaked summit amongst the clouds, ..a raincoat hangs on a stand in a window, .. turn around and look up and you will see the physical manifestation of these set scenes and similar layouts. You may recognise some and you will see new ones. These site details are reconfigured amongst photos of elongated palms and other exotic workspace, lobby or atrium flora, their shadows set against the glow of sun and moon like globe lights. An autumnal hanging 'winter garden'. Here pattern, colour and form are exaggerated and projected back into the kind of place in which the images were first made.

The display presents these fragmented elements as a projected lifestyle, a fantasy derived from the realism of office and workplace structures and objects. An invention of and beyond the everyday and the ready made that we all live and work with or see all around us all the time. A distorted mirror of today's London city scapes and a front lit dream visualisation, viewed from the outside looking in. Evergreen in autumn light.

Currently unused, yet fantastically positioned, amongst the new towers of the Plaza and beneath an iconic one - Euston, this space remains temporarily closed, the view inside fleetingly changed by the printed apparition of an interior and garden, in the evolving light and shade of the city.

For more information and images about this work by the artist, and details about prints from this series please visit:

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