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Sustainable Art: Patricia Swannell's 'A Meditation on Time'

Posted by Regent's Place on 24th May 2018

Understanding our impact on the environment is a key aspect of modern life. Here at Regent's Place, we are exploring our complex relationship with, and effect on, the natural world, a theme explored increasingly through contemporary [...]

Discover some of the inhabitants of our bug hotels!

Posted by Regent's Place on 23rd May 2018

As the bug hotels have been a firm feature of Regent’s Place for a while now, we decided to have a look in and around them to see what creepy crawlies are living on campus. Below are some species which have been spotted [...]

Our big plant giveaway: which species will you choose?

Posted by Regent's Place on 16th May 2018

To kick off our Biodiversity Project and celebrate Biodiversity Day, we will be giving away 3000 free plants on our Plaza on 22 May. Which plant will you choose? You will be able to pick from a selection of Ferns, Philodendrons [...]

Sustainable snacking: are insects the future of nutrition?

Posted by Regent's Place on 14th May 2018

The Biodiversity Project is upon us and we have a wealth of different events in the pipeline to encourage a conversation around sustainability, environmentalism and biodiversity. To name a few, we have a series of events [...]

Join our neighbouring museum mile

Posted by Regent's Place on 27th April 2018

Here at Regent's Place, we're fortunate to neighbour London's Knowledge Quarter and have a wealth of varied museums within just a couple of minutes walking distance from our campus. Why not head out to uncover some nearby [...]

A Healthy Summer by Nutritional Therapist Zoë Stirling

Posted by Zoë Stirling on 24th April 2018

Without speaking too soon, it feels like spring is here and summer is now on its way and with that our bodies start to make the transition from a storage or hibernation phase to a lighter and more energised mode with longer [...]