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Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

Posted by Regent's Place on 20th September 2017

Wellcome Collection | 7 September 2017 – 14 January 2018 The first major exhibition exploring the relationship between graphic design and health is now open in the nearby Wellcome Collection. Comprising 200 objects [...]

‘Nail’ art trends for your nails this autumn

Posted by Regent's Place on 15th September 2017

Looking to jazz up your next manicure? We are constantly striving for something new, something personalised, something unique – in the beauty business, the go to way of achieving such desirable talons is nail art. With [...]

Help Your Local Hedgehogs This Autumn

Posted by Regent's Place on 11th September 2017

Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK, some studies estimate there are under 1 million left. It is important we try to include our spiky friends in gardening practices. As autumn is beginning to appear, hedgehogs will start [...]

Your Online Shopping Just Got Easier With InPost 24/7 Lockers

Posted by Regent's Place on 25th August 2017

The inevitable woes of parcel deliveries and returns are two sure-fire ways to kill your online shopping buzz, come pay day. First off, waiting in for a delivery is far from ideal. Don’t, and you’ve got a one [...]

Drones at work

Posted by Regent's Place on 18th August 2017

Drones aren’t just for self-confessed technology geeks. With their popularity growing rapidly in households across the country, the buzz about drones has quickly spread to the work place with more than 850 commercial [...]

Let's go fly a... drone?

Posted by Regent's Place on 11th August 2017

Experience the thrills of aerial acrobatics with an introduction to first person view drone racing – a sport that’s really taking off. For those who fancy being a daredevil pilot without the danger of actually [...]