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Art at Regent’s Place - Summer Knowledge

Posted by Regent's Place on 09th August 2018

School might be out for Summer; however here, at Regent’s Place, we’ve been taking a look at what’s been going on nearby within the Knowledge Quarter, to inspire minds limited by no generation through a [...]

Art at Regent’s Place - Community Outreach

Posted by Regent's Place on 17th July 2018

At Regent’s Place, we enjoy getting to know our neighbours. Our Community Programme includes a range of initiatives to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the area of Regent’s Place.    Here’s [...]

Art at Regent’s Place - Frieze Sculpture 2018

Posted by Regent's Place on 10th July 2018

Here at Regent’s Place we love exploring our neighbourhood. This summer why not take some time out to visit nearby Regent’s Park where the annual Frieze Sculpture presentation is on display in the beautiful English [...]

Our Biodiversity Project - making Fitzrovia greener

Posted by Julie Riehls on 20th June 2018

As you have probably heard it before, our capital is one of the greenest cities in Europe. London has 14,164 hectares of green space including parks, wildlife habitats and natural reserves – that’s the equivalent [...]

Sustainable Art: Patricia Swannell's 'A Meditation on Time'

Posted by Regent's Place on 24th May 2018

Understanding our impact on the environment is a key aspect of modern life. Here at Regent's Place, we are exploring our complex relationship with, and effect on, the natural world, a theme explored increasingly through contemporary [...]

Discover some of the inhabitants of our bug hotels!

Posted by Regent's Place on 23rd May 2018

As the bug hotels have been a firm feature of Regent’s Place for a while now, we decided to have a look in and around them to see what creepy crawlies are living on campus. Below are some species which have been spotted [...]