Defibrillators at Regent's Place

Posted by Regent's Place on 03rd January 2019 | comments

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Regent's Place Management has now installed a defibrillator in the ground floor reception areas of 338 Euston Road, 20 Triton Street, and 10 & 30 Brock Street.

We have worked hard to ensure we can provide support to the emergency services within a 50 metre radius of Regent’s Place and the surrounding area. Regent’s Place employees have been trained to use the equipment if necessary.

Over 10,000 people collapse and stop breathing every year and for more people to survive a cardiac arrest, more public places need to have defibrillators. Around 32% of people survive a cardiac arrest in a public place, however when a defibrillator and a trained individual are present, the chance of survival can increase to 80%.

Regent’s Place is proud to be part of a scheme that will save lives.

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