Regent's Place team deliver 'Project Business' at Regent’s High

Posted by Regent's Place on 16th July 2013 | comments

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Several members of the Regent’s Place team joined British Land volunteers yesterday at a local Camden school to help deliver a workshop with the Young Enterprise group.

“Project Business” is a workshop run by Young Enterprise with the aim of educating school children on how a business is organised and managed practically, the roles played by the managing teams and the set-backs that a company could face.

The Year 9 pupils at Regent’s High School benefitted from the business experience of the volunteers as they learnt about various aspects of business-management throughout the day. They were taught about supply and demand by playing a game involving buying beads, and then producing and selling bracelets- having to adapt their prices and demands when necessary; explored promotion and advertising by creating a new product and slogan; learnt what to do and what not to do in an interview by watching the volunteers’ role-play; and understood more about customer service by having to answer radio interviews from complaining consumers.

The school has received positive feedback on the day’s activities from its pupils and thanked the volunteers who took part. It was a great experience for all involved!

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