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Posted by Regent's Place on 27th June 2013 | comments

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Early last month we reported that we had two jays nesting in the Estate, and with spring coming we were hopeful that the pair would breed.

Good news! The jays’ nest has been spotted high up on the side of 338 Euston Road and last week 3 chicks were spotted sitting in the nest. The parents have been busy flying around the Estate, and there is a good chance that you might have spotted them collecting food for their young. On Friday afternoon the chicks were looking strong and like they would fledge over the next day or so.

Their parents had done a good job looking after them, and over the weekend the 3 chicks have fledged and left the nest. It is unlikely that they will have gone too far just yet, so you might spot a few fluffy jays around the Estate in the next few days!

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