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This summer the Regent's Place Plaza will be welcoming North Highland, a management consultancy with a twist. They will be helping us bring you a whole summer of sport; with World Cup, Wimbledon and Tour De France to name but a few. Please see our full listings below!


Friday 13th June

17:00 – Mexico v Cameroon
20:00 – Spain v Netherlands

Monday 16th June
17:00 – Germany v Portugal
20:00 – Iran v Nigeria

Tuesday 17th June
17:00 – Belguim v Algeria
20:00 – Brazil v Mexico

Wednesday 18th June
17:00 – Australia v Netherlands
20:00 – Spain v Chile

Thursday 19th June
17:00 – Colombia v Cote d’Ivoire
20:00 – Uruguay v England

Friday 20th June
17:00 – Italy v Costa Rica
20:00 – Switzerland v France

Monday 23rd June
13:00 – Singles 1st round
17:00 – Netherlands v Chile

Tuesday 24th June
13:00 – Singles 1st round
17:00 – Costa Rica v England

Wednesday 25th June
13:00 – Singles 2nd round
17:00 – Nigeria v Argentina

Thursday 26th June
13:00 – Singles 2nd round
17:00 – USA v Germany

Friday 27th June
13:00 – Singles 3rd round

Monday 30th June
13:00 – Singles 4th round
17:00 – Group E v Group F

Tuesday 1st July
13:00 – Ladies Quarter Finals
17:00 – Group F winner v Group E 2nd

Wednesday 2nd July
13:00 – Men’s Quarter Finals

Thursday 3rd July
13:00 – Ladies Semi Finals

Friday 4th July
13:00 – Men’s Semi Finals



Tuesday 17th – Friday 20th June

Monday 7th – Friday 25th July
Tour De France

Thursday 17th – Friday 18th July
Golf Open


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