Sustainable Art: Patricia Swannell's 'A Meditation on Time'

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Understanding our impact on the environment is a key aspect of modern life. Here at Regent's Place, we are exploring our complex relationship with, and effect on, the natural world, a theme explored increasingly through contemporary art.

To coincide with our Biodiversity Project, our Art Curator, Rosie Glenn, has been taking a closer look at A Meditation on Time, a nearby exhibition of artwork by Patricia Swannell, curated by Jagged Art, whose practice considers biodiversity and sustainability.

Patricia Swannell, A Meditation on Time 

Patricia Swannell, A Meditation on Time 

Curated by Jagged Art, and on show at Circus in Marylebone High Street, A Meditation on Time presents a series of works inspired by the trees in Marylebone Church Yard. As strong signifiers of our ecology system, trees offer an indication of human behaviour's impact on the natural environment.

In addition, trees have a unique place in our history; rooted in the ground and yet reaching towards the sky, they connect us to both past and future human generations. Considering this passage of time, Swannell, through her detailed drawings, further offers the viewer a tangible glimpse of ephemeral moments from the natural world.

Patricia Swannell, A Meditation on Time 

Find out more about the artwork in the video below: 

Also showcased is Swannell’s print and photography project with the Woodland Trust, Legacy: A Reciprocal Tribute. This work, at the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood in Leicestershire, started in 2014 and will continue for the next six decades, recording the growth of the woodland by photographing the same family every year as the trees in the background shift, grow and transform alongside them.

Like us here at Regent's Place, Swannell's creative practice explores nature and the effects we have on it, questioning the true value we place on the environment that sustains us. Her exhibition represents a true meditation on time, considering the environment we inherit and the legacy that we leave behind.

Why not drop by? A Mediation on a Time is available to view Monday to Friday 10am-5pm until 20 June at Circus, 58 Marylebone High Street. Find out more about her Woodland Trust project here. 


Patricia Swanell completed her MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School in 2009 and has been showing art with Jagged Art since 2007, find out more here.

Join us this spring at Regent's Place to uncover our Biodiversity Project with a series of events including talks, giveaways, workshops, feasts and more. 

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