The 3 Plants to Overhaul Your Desk

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On Tuesday 21st March, we’re bringing the greenery indoors by giving away plants for free to the whole of Regent’s Place. Read on to discover why a plant is just what your desk has been crying out for...

In 2013, the University of Exeter found that office plants not only boost staff wellbeing by 47%, but allowing people to take control of their workspace’s design increases creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. A study by Journal of Environmental Psychology found that plants can even make you smarter.

Even Nasa recommends embracing houseplants as a way of purifying the air, reducing airborne toxins and, of course, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis. It’s time to go green.

For cleaner air:

All three plants are excellent at purifying the air but the Chlorophytum comosum (or, er, spider plant) is also good for beginners because it’s almost impossible to kill. Place it in a well-drained pot, keep watered regularly in spring and summer but drier in winter and make sure it gets some light. You can then snip off its spiderettes, re-pot and create even more plants for the office.

For a calmer workspace:

Green’s association with nature means it is often recommended for office colour schemes providing a calming and nurturing backdrop. Green is also an excellent shade for people who work long hours and want to avoid eye strain - unlike other colours we don’t need to change our focus to perceive it. However, for an instantly placid workspace: choose lavender. Research has proved that breathing in its scent produces a slightly calming, sedative effect which helps to alleviate stress and encourage a more restorative sleep. It’s calming just reading about it...

For soothing typing hands:

Aloe is another hardy plant that doesn’t need constant attention - in summer, just give it a good soak in a well-drained pot and allow it to dry well between waterings. Then transform yourself into the office herbalist by snipping off a piece of aloe and use the cool, clear gel to moisturise keyboard-worn hands, stave off burns from the tea round - and in extreme instances for west London - soothe cases of sunburn.

See details about our event here and share your pictures of your new plant with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tagging @RegentsPlace.

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