The Lotus Eaters Pop-Up Art Exhibition

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Thursday 15th - Friday 7th December 2018 
17-19 Triton Street

Opening times:
- Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm
- Saturday: 12pm-4pm
- By appointment

Fast food, fast fashion; people and services at your door at the click of an app: are we, like The Lotus Eaters of Homerian myth, lost in a world of consumption, victims to addictive highs?

Aindrea Contemporary will bring it's final exhibition of 2018 to Regent's Place, showcasing seven, early-career artists through painting, animation and installation. 

In the novel, the residents of a luxury apartment building gradually lose interest in any life beyond its walls, becoming consumed by themselves and in turn, literally and metaphorically consuming others. I wanted to connect the classical Lotus Eater reference and Ballard’s modern reflections on our vulnerability to consumption”, she says.

Hailed as ‘a ground-breaking new voice in the art world’ for ‘resisting limitations and breaking glass ceilings’, Aindrea has made her mark with collectors and artists alike, sourcing much of the work that she shows through social media and recent graduate shows.

For The Lotus Eaters, she has selected work by artists including:

 Jane Hayes Greenwood, whose paintings explore the Freudian pleasure principle, with acid bright colours and provocative forms pulsating with desire.

Meng Zhou's dreamlike wallpaper will decorate a site-specific vitrine within the space, juxtaposed with a sprinkling of crushed lotus, harking back to his Chinese heritage.

Luke Burton is installing what looks like an abandoned, post-apocalyptic store, a reference to how fashion trends come and go and how keeping up with our fast-paced society is a sport in itself: his motifs bring footballs and peacocks – sport and preening – into jarring juxtaposition

Plasma Vista will make their intangible retail experience - a film promoting a number of their works – tangible, with a shop at the exhibition.

Hannah Tilson will unveil a substantial new, site-specific installation painting of what she describes as a modern day Christmas scene: a virtual reality styled car tied in a huge red ribbon, playing on our confusing desires and expectations around gifting and acquisition.

Scarlett Bowman will feature works showcasing reclaimed objects trapped in jesmonite, showing how the art of collecting of the past – such as the coins and stamps that also feature in her work – have been exchanged for more vaccuous ephemera.

Sarah Roberts will showcase her multi-sensory installation, Peach Melba, a homage to make-up - a playful, tactile relief work made to look like globules of skin-tone concealer and foundation. It emits the slightly sickly scent of peach, playing on the advertising tactics used in-store to seduce the customer.

The works will be grouped by artist, as though they have all been given their own floating island, allowing the visitor to engage with each different space before seeking out the next.

“I want this show to act as a catalyst for ideas about consumption, thrill and pleasure seeking,” says Aindrea, “where visitors can sample each artist’s ‘lotus fruit’.”

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