Wasabi's Tanabata Festival - new salad and pottos

Available now for summer 2018

The Japanese folk lore behind the Tanabata festival begins with two Gods, Orihime and Hikiboshi who are allowed to cross the Milky Way and finally meet to play during Tanabata. In Japan, they celebrate this meeting by writing wishes on colourful pieces of paper and hanging them from bamboo branches.

At Wasabi, they're celebrating Tanabata with the introduction of our new Niji Salad, which means rainbow salad.

Niji Summer Salad, £4.95
This vegan salad at just 276 calories contains a mixture of quinoa & brown rice. With beetroot, roasted butternut squash, cucumber, edamame, carrot, pepper, wakame on a bed on mixed green salad leaves, all finished with sesame seeds and a side of Japanese dressing. Did we mention it's 2 of your 5 a day?!

Alongside the salad, there are brand new Pottos!

Turmeric Tofu Potto (Vegan), £2.50
At 197 calories, this individual pot contains spiced turmeric tofu, mixed salad leaves, edamame and sesame seeds. 

Tomago Potto, £2.50
Coming in at just 121 calories, this pot containing a boiled egg, mixed salad leaves and edamame is perfect for those wanting a protein hit on a summer diet.

Salmon Poke Potto, £2.90
This pot contains fresh salmon, mixed salad leaves, edamame and sesame seeds, all at 196 calories. 

Chicken Katsu Potto, £2.50
Our personal favourite... at 189 calories this little pot of joy contains breaded chicken, sweet chilli mayo, mixed salad leaves, edamame and sesame seeds.