The Sessions: At Home

Whilst we can't host The Sessions which you've come to know and love in the usual sense right now, we've curated a collection of our top picks of fitness classes and creative workshops which our trusted partners are streaming from their home to yours.

We want to bring you, your friends and loved ones together through creative, unique events, streamed directly to you in the safety of your own home.

We’re working on extending our programme right now, so if there’s a particular type of event you’d love to join during lockdown, let us know here.  


Learn How to Grow Your Own Microgreens 

Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables, herbs, beans, and grains, grown in high density within flat containers for a very short period of time. You can grow them indoors at any time of year with minimal equipment, so this is a great way to grow some of your own food this autumn.

Square Mile Farms Head Grower, Dish, will demonstrate step-by-step how to grow microgreens, from sowing, to growing and harvesting. He’ll also give you tips and advice for growing indoors more generally. 

At the end of the workshop we’ll provide you with instructions so you can try growing your own microgreens at home.

Wednesday 28 October, 6pm - 7pm

This session is free to attend but you can make a donation to a local food bank if you can.

Click here to register:  Grow your own Micro-greens

These events are provided by Square Mile Farms. Any personal data shared is done so exclusively with Square Mile Farms and will not be shared with British Land or Regent's Place.

Balancing hormones through lunar syncing

Learn how to better understand your hormones and the process of cycle syncing, a lifestyle and diet adjustment that adapts to your menstrual cycle to help you embrace your hormones. 

In this session Michelle from New Body and Soul will introduce you to cycle syncing, different foods and their impact on hormones; how to create simple tasty dishes at home that support hormonal balance; and quick workouts that support your goals whilst reducing cortisol and stress in the body.

Monday 28 September 10.30am - 11.30am (all via Zoom)

£18 per person, the price includes a free lunar and menstrual tracker and worksheet.

Book your place here.


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How to Eat and Sleep for Optimal Energy

Low energy can affect everything from your mood and enthusiasm, performance at work (and play) to your overall quality of life. For some, poor sleep and diet habits are often the reason for low energy but trying different foods and improving your sleep habits can help you boost energy, brain function and concentration.

In this workshop with registered nutritional therapist Jill from Square Mile Farms, you’ll explore the ways diet and lifestyle affect energy and productivity levels, discuss healthy sleep habits and learn how to make a simple sleep spray to help you doze off quickly at night.

In her work as a nutritional therapist Jill helps people achieve and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, critical for optimal health and disease prevention.  She provides personalised, science-based health programmes that address stressors and imbalances in the body. She has ten years of experience and has worked with clients from all over the world.

Sunday 4 October 5pm - 6pm via Zoom.

This session is free to attend but you can make a donation to a local food bank if you can.

Click here to register:  How to Eat and Sleep for Optimal Energy


How to Make a Healthy Home - Practical tips beyond diet

Many of us are spending more time at home this year and have goals to improve our diet and exercise. Our home and the environment around us plays a major part in our health and it's often the missing piece of the puzzle if someone is struggling with their health. 

So in this session Jill from Square Mile Farms will take you beyond diet to explore how to make the home environment healthier with simple and effective ways to reduce chemicals in your home and protect your environment. Their head farmer Dish will also explore the benefits of introducing plants into your home and you’ll see how to make an alternative to conventional candles with only two ingredients, oranges and olive oil.

We’ll provide you with instructions so you can try this yourself at home after watching how it’s done.

Wednesday 14 October, 6pm - 7pm

This session is free to attend but you can make a donation to a local food bank if you can.

Click here to register: How to Make a Healthy Home


Jason Bruges Studio Archive and Process Design Series Part II

Following on from July’s session, Jason Bruges Studio are back with part III of their Archive and Process design talk series. ‘Meet the team’ will offer fascinating insight into the world of a design studio to both those working in the creative industry and those who are interested in how these world renowned installations come to be.

With a studio loosely divided into a creative team and a technical team, this session will focus on the paths their team members took with their careers and their experiences working on recent projects. 
You will hear from Senior Designer Adam Wadey, Computational Designer Chris Waters, Cretive Technologist Dhruv Kumar and Head of Production Richard Broom.

Wednesday 9 September 2020 5pm - 6pm


Hosted via Zoom, book your place here.

This event is provided by Jason Bruges Studio. Any personal data shared is done so exclusively with Jason Bruges Studio and will not be shared with British Land or Regent's Place.

Archive and Process Part 2 with Jason Bruges Studio 

Jason Bruges, creator of the Variegation Index installation in 20 Triton Street, has been delving into his archive to rediscover some of the Studio's most intriguing experiments and prototypes. He has unearthed everything from digital water lilies with their own underwater ecosystem to kinetic bubbles inspired by the mechanics of extendable mopsand. 

You can hear more about his discoveries in Achive and Process Part 2, an insightful webinar exploring the themes of transparency and illusion.

Wednesday 8 July at 5pm via Zoom.

About Jason Bruges

Jason Bruges is internationally renowned as a pioneer of the hybrid space between art, architecture and technology.  His artworks are site-specific, 'sculptural barometers' that tap into the emotional tapestry of a community or place by translating live feedback into living, breathing spatial interventions.

A master of light and kinetic art, Jason combines his architectural knowledge with a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based artworks and a dynamic immersive experience.  His installations are moments of theatre that transform in response to their surrounds and connect people with their environments. In 2002, Jason set up Jason Bruges Studio where he works with a talented team of architects, engineers, computational designers, creative technologists and project managers to deliver integrated public art projects world-wide.

This event is provided by Jason Bruges Studio. Any personal data shared is done so exclusively with Jason Bruges Studio and will not be shared with British Land or Regent's Place.

Virtual Majorette Masterclass

The Majorettes are a Guinness World Record holding hoop troupe trained by Marawa The Amazing, who perform and teach all over the world. We've had to postpone HoopTone sessions at Regent's Place but you can still sign up to their virtual masterclass this weekend.

The two hour masterclass includes a hoop tricks workshop, hoop splitting training session and learning a new routine. Once you've had a chance to practice you can submit your routine to be included in their next video campaign, you can see their last one here.  

The class is set up to cater for beginners and intermediates so everyone can learn something fun and new. You will need to provide your own hoops!

Saturday 23 May 6pm - 8pm. Tickets are £10 + booking fees.

Sign up here

How to kick start good habits

Join Michelle from New Body & Soul for this practical and fun one hour workshop to kick start your Autumn health journey.

Michelle, who has previously hosted nutritional sessions at Regent's Place, will break down nutritional jargon to help you make educational decisions about your food choices and health goals including understanding the roles macronutrients, the impact of hormones and stress on your immune system,understanding food labels, hydration and exercise goals. 

Event Postponed.

£11.36 per person.

Book your space here.

The session will be hosted on Zoom and Michelle will contact all ticket holders with a worksheet and Zoom link prior to the event.

The links above will take you to the registration page for the events. Please follow the guidelines from the event provider carefully, especially if the event involves physical activity. British Land will only collect event registration numbers and contact details should you consent to receiving news from British Land. Please see our Privacy Notice for further details on how we process that data. Any other data you share with the event organiser will not be shared with British Land.

Gong and Sound Bath session

Lockdown life can be hectic and stressful. Try to take an hour for yourself to join Amanda Jane Chappell for a Gong and Sound Bath session every Sunday.

Each week will have a different intention or meditation to shift you into an dream like state of healing. All you need to bring is a blanket, eye mask, headphones and an open mind and heart.

Every Sunday at 8pm. Donations welcome.

Sign up here.

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