The Sessions at Regent's Place

Get creative, nurture your wellbeing, improve your fitness and more in our on-going programme of events, The Sessions, held in our new indoor event space, triton cafe. 

The programme, which launches on 21 January, will provide events that are open to all, including creative classes such as jewellery making and chocolate decorating, morning and lunchtime fitness classes to build into your routine, food and drink tastings and much more.
So what's coming up?

January - February schedule: 

Tuesdays, Jan-Feb, 7-8am

Ease into your morning before work with an early Yogilates session, an innovative fusion of yoga and pilates which delivers a complete cardiovascular, strength, stretching and balancing work out.
Tickets: £6*
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Bespoke Jewellery Making with CAST Jewellery
28 January, 6.15-7.15pm

Get your creative juices flowing in this therapeutic workshop where you'll carve bespoke earrings, a pendant, ring, cufflinks and more into wax. The CAST experts will help with some design inspiration before sending your finished piece off to be CAST in solid silver. Your accessory will then be posted back to your address 3 weeks later, just in time to make a perfect, thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day. 
Tickets: £20*
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HIIT, Endurance & Circuit classes
Tuesdays, Jan-Feb, 12.30-1.30pm

We've teamed up with FITWORKS to bring you a class which will boost your metabolism, optimise fat loss efforts and improve your cardiovascular system through a mixture of high intensity and steady state methods as well as fun, functional circuits which will leave you feeling invigorated and energised for the rest of the day ahead.
Tickets: £7.50*
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All Body Strength fitness classes
Tuesdays, Jan-Feb, 12.30-1.30pm

The team from FITWORKS will be delivering fitness classes using resistance exercises to help you build all body strength during your lunch break. Using a mixture of bodyweight exercise and resistance bands to stimulate all the muscles in your body, FITWORKS will have you moving better, and your metabolism increased to have you feeling great in the new year. 
Tickets: £7.50*
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Time To Talk Day: Create A Career That Works For You 
6 February, 6.15 - 9.30pm

Get ready to be inspired and take your career to the next level. To recognise Time To Talk Day, we've teamed up with The Authentic Project to bring you a motivating discussion where the our panelists will discuss how they have created successful businesses and share tips and tricks to maintain a healthy and positive mindset to help others daring to go at it alone, feel supported and able to thrive in the unpredictable world of 'the freelance life'. Speakers include Founder of Hubud (the world’s first destination workplace where thousands of people have come to create more meaningful careers for themselves), Steve Munroe; Illustrator and Founder of Toots Design, Lorna Gibson; and actor & BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, Abubaker Salim. The panel will be followed by a Q&A and networking drinks with other freelancers and creatives. 
Tickets: £12.50* (tickets include a goody bag of healthy snacks)
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Valentine's Chocolate Decorating with triton cafe
12 February, 1-2pm

Love is in the air, celebrate Valentine's Day with this fun, one hour lunchtime workshop, where you'll be shown how to decorate chocolate using fine piping techniques whilst enjoying a cup of triton cafe's famed single origin hot chocolate by Kokoa Collection. 
Tickets: £15*
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Wine Tasting with triton cafe
19 February, 6-7pm

We've partnered with Bennett Hay, the caterers behind the new triton cafe to take you on a tour of wine, which will give you the opportunity to taste and discover 6 different wines, starting with the light hearted and progressing to the more full-bodied varieties. Alongside the wine, you will also pair your glasses with local cheeses, all in one evening Session. 
Tickets: £20*
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Beer Tasting with triton cafe
26 February, 6-7pm
At this unique session, you'll learn the story of London-based brewery, Ignition, before smelling, tasting and comparing a great range of beers. You will also be introduced to different hops and malt to fully understand and appreciate the craft that goes into each pint.
Tickets: £20*
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