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Regent’s Place is a 13 acre, fully managed mixed use campus in London’s West End with up to 20,000 visitors, workers and residents passing through each day.

At the heart of Regent’s Place is the Plaza, a place where occupiers meet, eat, drink and spend time. Throughout Regent’s Place open spaces and buildings are enhanced by numerous public art installations, from both internationally recognised names as well as young breakthrough artists commissioned by British Land.

The dedicated on-site Regent’s Place management team devise and manage an annual events programme, involving summer events during lunchtimes, charity events, farmers markets and other quirky events.

The buildings contain numerous facilities for the convenience of the occupiers including dry cleaning, shower rooms, locker rooms, drying rooms, cycle racks, free evening newspapers and upcoming free Wi-Fi across the estate.

Regent’s Place has been owned by British Land for over 25 years and is the company’s landmark West End asset. Find out more about British Land

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