BloomsYard – Café Wine Bar

BloomsYard is an all-day affair, an opportunity to bring people together for the shared love of all things natural and delicious… offering specially selected freshly roasted coffee, refreshing wellbeing tea and wonderful vegan wine and beer. We’ve been on a journey of discovery and now share our favourite blends, flavours and aromas that will transport you to places you’ll one day visit.

With all of these daily rituals we know something scrumptious should accompany them, so we’ve made sure to gather a tempting collection of sweet and savoury delights that you can enjoy, in or out, day or night. Sourdough crumpets & jam, the best carrot cake and pastries or be tempted by an impressive selection of ‘picky things' such as sliced meats, gorgeous cheeses, juicy olives, capsicums & capers, fresh breads and so much more.

​Every day we look forward to putting an extra spring in your step, with a drink made with love, food to feel good and a generous smile. BloomsYard is the perfect excuse to make time for a quick espresso, a midday snack, an informal business meeting or a catch up with friends. That sacred place when you need time out from the hustle and bustle of city life, to recharge, de-stress or simply watch the world go by. 

​​If you’re curious or can’t decide on what to have, our friendly and dare we say ‘slightly obsessed’ team will always be happy to share their knowledge and expertise. We know how important great service and hospitality is, fortunately, that’s another obsession of ours! BloomsYard is more than providing great food and drinks, every day we look forward to creating the perfect setting for great conversations, with a familiar face, a warm smile and a heartfelt ‘How ya doing?’ 

​Feel good vibes are the daily backdrop at BloomsYard. Arrive a stranger, leave a friend, we’re spreading a little love and conversation one cup (or glass) at a time.