Don Hairport

Osnaburgh Street

Covid-19 update: Don Hairport is open for appointment only.


An innovation in hair salon design, Hairport combines a cutting-edge location with a hairdresser to the stars. 

Having already established a male grooming emporium and a boutique hair salon in London’s Regents Place, Don is changing the script. A first in hair salon design, Don’s latest venture is dedicated to helping both women and men look and feel their very best. 

Don has worked alongside some of the best hairdressers in the business, including Denise McAdam and Sam McKnight. His skills have also put him front of the camera with various TV appearances, including morning TV and music videos a well as promoting leading hair-care specialists. 

His clients range from City CEOs enjoying a break from the stress of the boardroom, to pop stars,to premiership footballers needing to look their best for the ever-attentive cameras. He is also proud to have been part of a team that has cared for Royalty. 

“Looking good is about feeling great in your own skin. Never underestimate the impact of a flawless hair cut on your confidence. Look amazing, feel amazing. My team and I will provide the advice and knowledge women & men need to look and feel the best they can. With Hairport I have launched something new and fresh in a saturated market. This is not just another salon. I have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where my team and clients can be comfortable and made to feel welcome."

“We hope to have more Hairport dotted around the UK in the very near future.”

Osnaburgh Street
Regent's Place
20 Triton St