The Sessions: Rejuvenation Yoga


We’re sorry to announce that we will be postponing this workshop in an effort to help reduce the rate of the spread of Covid-19.

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Get creative, nurture your wellbeing, improve your fitness and more in our on-going programme of events, The Sessions, held in our new indoor event space, Triton Cafe.

Rejuvenation yoga is the perfect way to bring in balance after a long day at work. Our bespoke Vinyasa classes combines a dynamic and nurturing flow, with an introduction to breathing techniques (pranayama), helping calm the central nervous system as well as reducing stress and anxiety. 

All the classes end with a short, guided meditation, with high grade essential oils, working to relax every part of the body and bring focus and clarity to the mind. All abilities are welcome, classes will be adapted to meet the needs of everyone. 

• Lesson 1: An introduction to breathing techniques (pranayama). This helps calm the central nervous system as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Begin to exploresome of the fundamental poses used in vinyasa flow.i.e. child’s pose, downward facing dog, warrior 1 and 2. Learn  a sun salutation flow and vinyasa yoga sequence. End with a short,guided meditation, working to relax every part of the body and bring focus and clarity to the mind.

• Lesson 2: Look at full yogic breath “Ujjayi pranayama”. This helps tap into the parasympathetic-nervous system bringing the body back to its natural balanced state. Look at other yoga poses, i.e. Warrior 3, Reverse Warrior and Wide-leg Forward Folds, building on the vinyasa sequence, increasing strength and flexibility. Explorationof savasana and its benefits.

• Lesson 3: Continue to develop breathing techniques at a deeper level. Create a dynamic vinyasa flow sequence focusing on the back, glutes and shoulder muscles. This area is often weakened by prolonged periods of sitting at a desk. End with a short meditation -allowing you to observe the benefits of the practice and take their attention inward away from the over-active mind.

• Lesson 4: A slower, nurturing flow concentrating on flexibility and hip openers. This counteracts long periods of sitting down. By holding the poses a little longer, work deeper into the muscles and connective tissues. Explore breath of fire “kapabalatibreathing” which helps to cleanse the lungs, sinuses, and respiratory system, which can help to prevent illness and allergies. Regular practice strengthens the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.


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20 April 2020 - 5:30pm - 11 May 2020 - 5:30pm
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