Brompton Bike Hire Comes To Regent’s Place

Brompton Bike Hire has arrived at Regent’s Place as well as other British Land neighbourhoods, Paddington Central and Broadgate.

With day-long bike loans (where users have the option to reserve a bike for a number of days rather than hours) and multiple bikes-for-hire, your commuting options can now be more flexible. It offers Londoners a fresh option and alternative transport mode while cutting costs, helping you explore the city and get some extra exercise.

Annual membership will cost from as little as £5 with daily hire rates (for 24 hours) from £3.50 for frequent users to £6.50 for leisure riders. Plus, Brompton Bike Hire will be offering local businesses in the Regent’s Place area free membership to the service.

Located in front of Euston Tower and facing Euston Road and Warren Street Underground Station, the brand-new locker will hold multiple bikes-for-hire and will be available to the public as well as Regent’s Place occupiers. This innovative cycle hire scheme is also available at other British Land neighbourhoods Paddington Central and Broadgate, helping cyclists travelling from the nearby transport hubs of Paddington Station and Liverpool Street.

Not only does Brompton Bike Hire provide folding bike hires for commuters and daytrippers, but the new lockers are also placed at key travel locations so – unique to Brompton – a daily bike hire can take a rider across Europe on business and leisure trips. Want to hire a bike in Birmingham, spend a week travelling across the country and drop off the same bike in London? It’s all possible.

For more information on Brompton Bike Hire, please visit or read the FAQs.

About Brompton Bike Hire

Brompton bike hire lockers.

Brompton Bike Hire was set up in 2011 and has over 50 docks UK wide making it the UK’s largest network of hire bikes. Brompton Bike Hire is the ‘sister company’ of Brompton Bicycle and uses the folded-up bike design in all its docks.

Please note

Brompton Bike Hire are a signatory to the CoMoUK best practice. They adhere to all such industry practices specifically in relation to Covid-19 precautions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The dock (and the bikes within it) will be cleansed using anti-viral spray each time the dock is visited by the service team (weekly).
  • The service team make use of PPE including gloves and masks when handling the bikes.
  • Brompton Bike Hire advises users to wipe the handlebars and the levers with anti-viral gel for peace of mind.


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