In conversation with: Remix Dance

Whilst many of us are working or sheltering at home, there are a number of people working hard to keep Regent’s Place going. We wanted to take a moment to share their experiences, as well as the experiences of those who are looking after the people who need it most in our community, ensuring they are supported, both during lockdown and beyond.

Usually based at triton cafe in Regent’s Place, Remix Dance is continuing to work with local children during lockdown. We caught up with Mariam Hassan and Mia Nicasro, co-directors of the group to learn more.

What is your organisation called and what does it do?   

Remix Dance is a dance group offering free weekly lessons for 6-18 year old children living in the Camden borough.  
We started as a one-off session in a local community centre 12 years ago and now we have worked with over 600 young people, performing at over 100 local events and creating seven theatre shows which are performed at local community centres on the Regent’s Park Estate. 

What are the biggest challenges your organisation faces – now and in the coming years?  

Funding is a challenge and our younge people face limited opportunities.  

What has the Covid-19 crisis taught you?

With the support of the Regent’s Place community team we have been delivering virtual dance classes and activities for the children and their whole families. Although daunting at first, learning a new way of connecting to our students and colleagues has helped us to stay positive. 

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how mature and positive our young people have been during lockdown, they are stronger than we think.

Top Tips to keep motivated and have fun at home? 

Doing online fitness and dance classes is a great way of keeping fit but don’t underestimate the health benefits and joy of playing your favourite songs and dancing around the house like nobody is watching! 

What is your organisation’s relationship with Regent’s Place?  

Regent’s Place has played a significant part in the development and progression of our dance project by providing rehearsal space in triton café and introducing us to other local partners. From this we have created joint projects like the Camden Alive Project with Camden People’s Theatre which gave young people access to work experience, site visits, motivational talks, internships and  apprenticeships with the Regent’s Place team and other businesses located there. 

Our relationship with Regent’s Place has allowed us to continue offering these free local dance sessions that have been running in the area for over 10 years. The relationship has only strengthened during the current crisis as they continue to support us delivering virtual Zoom classes for the children and their families, as well as helping with creative ideas and community support.

What message do you most want businesses at Regent’s Place to remember from your blog?  

Never miss the chance to dance!

We also want everyone to know how much of a difference their time and financial contributions have made to our young people and how this bridges the gap between the people who work at Regent’s Place and those who live just behind it. By continuing to work together in supporting and developing local children we can inspire them to achieve their goals. 

To find out how you can get involved with Remix Dance, please contact Rose Alexander.

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