A new sustainable café is now open at Regent’s Place

Triton Cafe, Regent's Place's most sustainable cafe, is now open on Triton Street.

The newest coffee stop on campus serves up nutritious food on daily changing menus.

Here you can expect artisan hot drinks, fresh juice and a range of breakfast and lunch options which use foods from local suppliers who have a commitment to sustainability.

What goes into their food?:

  • British fruits and vegetables locally sourced from Covent Garden based Nature’s Choice
  • Soups and smoothies made with wonky veg from Waste Knot, which would otherwise go to waste
  • Paddington-grown leafy greens and herbs from Square Mile Farms that use urban farming techniques
  • Sustainably sourced fish, with the majority from British shores to ensure species are preserved and carbon footprints kept to a minimum
  • Meat from small but passionate farmers who use traditional and free-range farming methods
  • Free range British eggs, organic milk and plant-based alternatives
  • Diverse British-grown grains, pulses and seeds to preserve biodiversity.

Alongside the responsibility-led menu, the cafe boasts a stylish interior all created using low-impact material choices and repurposed furniture. Some of the finishes include tabletops made from recycled TV screens and waste ceramics, seat tops made from recycled yoghurt pots and more.

The Triton Cafe will become an indoor events hub with a range of activities from workshops and creative classes, to fitness sessions, talks and more, launching in January 2020.

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