Join the REGEN Network

In collaboration with CommonVC, the REGEN Network at Regent's Place aims to connect those looking for solutions to tackling climate change with those that are already working on them. 

CommonVC are a group of intergenerational industry experts, entrepreneurs, activists and future leaders on a personal mission to solve the world's biggest challenges.

Working as an accelerator that discovers and helps innnovators working on solutions for a more regenerative and sustainable economy, Common VC are based in Regent's Place and they are on hand to provide you with advice, opportunity and the chance to contribute to solving global problems. 

The current focus for Common VC:

'Plastic Waste/ Circular Economy'

Mission: To remove 300,000,000 tons of plastic from the world economy.

'Plastic Pollution' is directly linked to air quality, food waste, modern day slavery, climate breakdown, human health, the destruction of ecosystems and so much more. It is an issue across industries like food & drink, personal care, transportation, fashion, construction, sports, aviation and more. CommonVC are taking a holistic approach to this issue and aim to help founders find real-world solutions to this problem which affects us all.

In the monthly REGEN network meetings, CommonVC and other members share stories, insights and case studies of fascinating initatives for combating climate change, creating an environment where members learn from and inspire each other. 

If you'd like to join the REGEN Network, please contact 

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