Your Wellbeing

Looking after your wellbeing has never been more important so we wanted to share helpful links and fun tips to help you prioritise your health. 

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Balance body and mind

Take a walk over to House of Wisdom, a newly opened space where you can balance both body and mind, reconnect with your true self and expand your knowledge.

The programmes at House of Wisdom are based on ancient practices, supported by modern science. From breathing classes and sound therapy to meditation and movement classes, House of Wisdom will help you reconnect with your true-self and find the balance between mental and physical wellbeing.

Find out more here.

Take a break

Trying to make time for yourself can be tricky, so if you only have a few minutes we recommend scrolling through Suzy Reading's Instagram feed.

Chartered psychologist, author, yogi and coach, Suzy joined us for International Women's Day (8 March) to host a self-care session, and her Instagram feed is full of inspirational images and information. 

We love her IGTV tutorials on breathing techniques to dial down anxiety, three steps to coping with uncertainty and five ways to release your jaw. 

Nourish yourself 

Good nutrition plays a key role in leading a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that nutrition can also help you manage stress and anxiety? Michelle Walsh, host of The Female Nutrition Workshop from The Sessions, has lots of delicious recipes, tips and information on her blog. We will definitely be making the cacao, sesame and chia seed energy balls as our lockdown snack.

Read the New Body & Soul blog here. 

Replicate your usual routine

Maintaining a daily timetable can help you keep a work/life balance when work has been moved to your home. Keeping to your usual wake-up, lunchbreak and home time will ensure you're mentally switching off from the office.

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