Good for the planet

Better together

We partner with our customers to help them meet and beat their own sustainability ambitions.

Net zero by 2030
Transitioning the campus to net zero through our continued focus on reducing embodied and operational emissions.
100% renewable energy
100% of the energy we buy for Regent’s Place customers comes from renewable sources.
Zero waste to landfill
100% of the waste we manage for Regent’s Place customers has been diverted from landfill since 2014.
Circular economy
1,000+ tonnes of waste recycled for Regent’s Place customers since 2019 = over 70 double decker buses.
Energy efficiency
70% reduction in landlord energy intensity since 2009 – saving up to 8,100 tonnes of carbon annually. *
Independent certifications
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System across all commercial space at Regent’s Place.

* Energy and carbon data to 2020, pre-pandemic. 2021 data excluded in line with best practice, as lockdowns and work-from-home advice significantly impacted metrics.